Generate Controllable VideosUsing AI Viggle

Utilize the capabilities of AI Viggle to upload your character photos, action videos, or input text prompts to create fully controllable videos.

Unleash your creativity with AI Viggle diverse creation methods.

AI Viggle: Mix Mode

AI Viggle with MIX

Upload an image of a character and a video of a person performing an action, then click 'Generate' to create a new video. The generated video will feature the character from the image performing the actions shown in the uploaded video. The character can be a real person, an anime character, or any other type of character.

AI Viggle: Animate Mode

AI Viggle with Animate

Upload an image of a character and provide a text motion prompt. Click 'Generate' to produce a video featuring the character from the image executing the actions detailed in the text prompt.

AI Viggle: Ideate Mode(Coming Soon)

AI Viggle with IDEATE

Provide a text character prompt and a text motion prompt. Click 'Generate' to produce a video where the character and their actions are based on the descriptions given in the text prompts.

AI Viggle: Stylize Mode(Coming Soon)

AI Viggle with STYLIZE

Provide three inputs: a character photo, a text image prompt, and a text motion prompt. The text image prompt modifies the style of the character photo. Click 'Generate' to create a video where the character is a blend of the photo and the image prompt, performing actions described by the motion prompt.


AI Viggle

Create fully controllable videos using AI Viggle by simply uploading your character photos, action videos, or inputting text prompts.

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How does AI Viggle create videos from images and text prompts?

AI Viggle uses advanced AI technology to generate videos by combining uploaded images, action videos, or text prompts. It processes these inputs to produce high-quality, customizable videos that reflect the provided content.

What types of input formats does AI Viggle support?

AI Viggle supports common image formats like JPEG and PNG, as well as standard video formats such as MP4. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of media types for video generation.

Can AI Viggle handle batch processing for video generation?

Currently, AI Viggle primarily supports single video generation. For batch processing needs, users are advised to contact AI Viggle’s customer support team for customized solutions.

Is there a free trial available for AI Viggle?

AI Viggle does not offer a free trial. Users need to purchase credits to access the service. Pricing details are available on the AI Viggle website.

Can I use the videos generated by AI Viggle for commercial purposes?

Yes, the videos created using AI Viggle can be used for personal and commercial purposes, including social media content, marketing materials, and advertisements.

What is the typical time required to generate a video with AI Viggle?

The video generation process with AI Viggle typically takes only a few minutes, leveraging efficient AI technology to provide quick and high-quality results.

How does AI Viggle ensure the quality of the generated videos?

AI Viggle utilizes cutting-edge AI technology and deep learning algorithms to maintain high detail and artistic quality, ensuring the videos closely resemble the original inputs.

What devices are compatible with AI Viggle?

AI Viggle is an online tool compatible with all internet-connected devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, making it accessible and convenient to use.

Can users edit the videos generated by AI Viggle after downloading them?

Yes, users can further edit and personalize the generated videos using any video editing software after downloading them from AI Viggle.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the video generated by AI Viggle?

If you are not satisfied with the generated video, you can contact AI Viggle’s customer support for assistance. The team is committed to resolving issues and improving user experience.